The Godawan point



A weekly snap shot of issues affecting Madang Province.

Take a look at Godowan’s point of view about issues, topics and events stirring up the communities and review the problem factors to mitigate.

How does it work?

Godawan’s point of view is driven by Operation Madwatch.  Information is gathered from a variety of main stream media and online social media networks that is analysed and processed into opportunistic intelligence or solutions and disseminated weekly to a designated audience to execute or be informed.  Some of these solutions are obvious, immediate or need proper planning and implementation.

Who does this work?

MSW-21 is the project name and it involves members of the public who give information about current affairs, crime tips and news leads. An intelligence and surveillance advisory team (iSAT) does the crunching and spitting out of the information.

Can I join?

Yes. You can follow this blog for updates and alerts by email or you can submit the online Citizen Information Distribution Network (CID-N) form to participate in the MSW-21 program.

Take a proactive approach to reporting crime through the Citizens Information Distribution Network (CID-N) but as much as you would like an immediate response, some matters are beyond our control and any information supplied is generated into The Godawan Point.


While we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, the information contained in The Godawan Point is for general information purposes only. All queries and comments about incorrect or inaccurate information should be directed to iSAT via our website contact or facebook page messenger.