Terms and Conditions of Participating in CID-N

You, the citizens, form the foundation of the MSW-21 ‘Watchers’ programme. MSW-21 relies on members of the public to contact us when they have information that may help stop, solve or prevent suspicious or criminal activity in the community.

Information providers are never asked to identify themselves and there is no equipment in the MSW-21 service that records voices or traces telephone numbers. Anonymity is guaranteed. Members of the community who call MSW-21 receive a code number that allows them to claim a reward, if eligible, once an arrest has been made.

Community members also participate in the day-to-day operations and financial support of the program. Volunteer directors serve on the MSW-21 board and are responsible for operating the non-profit corporation, raising funds and approving appropriate reward payments when crimes are solved.  Members of the public also support MSW-21 at public events and through various other fundraising activities.