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The Godowan Point #418-3

SETTLEMENTS: FOR THOSE WITH A HEART FOR MADANG By Nicholas Kirriwom  April edition week 3 2018. Subscribe to more newsletters  Settlement in Madang like every other town in PNG,  goes back to the colonial era when employers did not provide … Continue reading

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Man held over death of mother’s lover

By DOROTHY MARK Karanget Is, Madang: POLICE have arrested a man who caught his mother with her lover in a bush and killed him. Madang police officer in charge of criminal investigations Richard Sibolo confirmed the arrest yesterday. According to … Continue reading

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Modilon Hospital fees too high for rural people

BY EB  I was at Modilon General Hospital last night taking care of a sick family member and I overhead patients complaining about the hospital fees. People travel from rural areas into Madang just to get better treatment but cannot … Continue reading

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Neighbours too frightened to help

By Heatherlyn Baea‎ Madang is truly not safe anymore, my home was victim to an attempted break and enter by 14 + males last Monday night 13/02/17 at around 1pm. We were helpless, neighbours watch on in fear for themselves … Continue reading

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Girls attacked at DCA Airport road

By Airport Crime Prevention Unit Despite efforts to council and educate youths at DCA settlement not to take part in illegal activities such as petty crime and consumption of home brew and marijuana; two female passengers at the DCA bus … Continue reading

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Murder on Karanget Is.

Three people have been captured in relation to this incident on Karanaget Island on 16/02/17 by Madang CID. Among the three was a woman. Related reading https://alertsmadwatch.wordpress.com/2017/02/20/murder-on-karanget-is/ https://alertsmadwatch.wordpress.com/2017/02/16/krangket-island-lights-switched-on-at-last/

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MSW Sitrep

Two Murders over the weekend in Madang ULLLG. Both committed in Two Different Locations, Balasiko & Wagol Pikus Compound. Several Houses have been Burnt Down and Property Looted. High Risk areas: Balasiko Market and Yabob areas Wagol Pikus, Saw dust … Continue reading

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