Fighting Crime with SMS


Newtown Miliok St. : On the 20/10/19 at 8:43pm, we received a tip-off from a resident at New Town reporting intoxicated youths, disorderly and loud music in the area for the past 12 hours. Person contacted MSW via Facebook message. An SMS Alert was disseminated to our mobile subscribers which include Police personnel, toll free and WhatsApp contacts. Disturbance in the area stopped shortly after.

How effective is SMS 511 Alerts?

As well as tip-offs, SMS is ideal for quickly sharing important information with a number of people which can be effective in keeping people safe, preventing crime or apprehending criminals. Neighborhood watches, security companies, schools and any other communities can quickly alert their members to dangerous situations. They can also gather information from members of the community to allow police services to respond faster.

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It is extremely important to report incidents right away, no matter how minor it may be. Even if you feel it is not worth reporting, the incident must be documented. It also ensures the details of an incident are accurate as the event will still be fresh in your mind.

Reporting minor incidents right away will allow corrective actions to be taken sooner; possibly preventing other incidents from occurring.

A minor incident is something that did not result in any personal injury, property damage, or disturbance to the community. It is a very important indicator of potentially harmful accidents that can happen in the future.  Eg. Rape, violence and community unrest.

A safe community starts with you. Immediately report incidents and especially if you are involved in them is the right thing to do. 

The reporting of minor incidents is not telling on someone but a method of identifying future problems to avoid. A minor incident today can be a serious situation tomorrow.

Help make your community a safer place to live in by reporting incidents whether it is minor or not. Text it to SMS 511 Alerts Hotline 7224 8280 or call the Madang Police Toll Free number 7225 4444.



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Taking Responsibility of Public Safety



Public Safety is not only about taking precautions, it is also about taking responsibility.

If you see an unsafe situation, or even a potentially unsafe condition, don’t just walk away. Take responsibility for getting it corrected. Whether it is at the bus stops, while you’re travelling on the roads, or walking on the streets, wherever you see something that you believe is unsafe, or could lead to an adverse incident, speak up. If it is unsafe to actually do something about it yourself, keep others out of the unsafe zone and contact the Police Hotline number 7225 4444 or send out an alert on SMS 511 Alerts Hotline 7224 8280.

Think about how you would feel if you did nothing, then heard later on that an incident happened.


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What is the difference between a ‘hazard’ and a ‘risk’?

H and R 2.png

Hazard is something that can cause harm, e.g. electricity, chemicals, travelling on a boat in high wind condition, noise, an intoxicated person on the street, stress, etc.

A risk is the chance, high or low, that any hazard will actually cause harm to somebody.

For example, traveling home on an overloaded dinghy can be a hazard. The risk of personal danger may be high. Over-loaded boats with no life jackets is a hazard. If the wind condition changes and creates high waves, the waves can place the boat and your life in a ‘high-risk’ category.

H and R.png

MadWatch provides a SMS Alert Service for public safety and security alerts including Maritime Safety Alerts.

Subscribe for free or send a free SMS on our website.

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Tunnel Vision


MSW update: 25 – 26 August 2019
Reported incidents: 4

What is Tunnel Vision?


If someone has tunnel vision, it means your world view is limited. You cannot see all points of view or the big picture. You are limited to what you know or see right in front of you.


We always talk about staying ALERT and talk about other peoples problems; but do we ever pause and have a look around the area we are living in or do we continue?


We become so focused on the bad stories and incidents happening in Madang, that we get tunnel vision and start to ignore what is going on around us, especially in our own backyards.


The aim of this security and safety focus is to look around our communities for any threats or persons involved in harming others and report them to the Police or anonymously to MSW before it can become a risk  or problem to us and somebody else.


As your focus narrows, you start to miss things. Those “missed things” are like lost puzzle pieces, leaving holes in your understanding of what is happening.


Too much focus is focussed on pointing fingers at the Provincial Police Commissioner, Minister for Police and Members of Parliament and not enough promotion of what we doing in our communities or as individuals to help fight Law and Order Problems in Madang.


A good example is seen at Ward 5 area where children and youths were given white paint to cover graffiti on the fences at DWU, Maritime College and Madang Technical College. It is perceived that our newly appointed Ward councillors are at work in the background.


Get involved in volunteer work. Get character references for your participation to help you with finding a job or applying for studies. Get Community SMS alerts. Contact us.



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Mine pollution at Basamuk Bay… We warned about it 10 years ago —

Ten years ago, a small group of Papua New Guineans made a decision to fight the construction of multibillion kina mine Chinese owned nickel mine in the Madang province. The reasons were simple: Land was going to be taken away from its traditional custodians in Kurumbukari in the Usino-Bundi electorate and… the sea, a vital […]

via Mine pollution at Basamuk Bay… We warned about it 10 years ago —

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Bug out – Are you Ready?


Do you understand how important it is to be prepared and react in an event of an emergency!

Often in the stress of an emergency situation we tend to forget some of the basics. This can be such a stressful time and your desire to help in a hurry mysteriously “fogs” your brain of the basics. That’s why it is so important to know some of the basics of emergency response.


Let us remind ourselves on some of the basics that each of us should know about:

  •  What is your emergency plan?
  •  What number(s) will you contact during an emergency?
  •  Do you know where to meet if you are displaced?
  •  Do you have a basic first aid kit?
  •  Do you know how to perform First Aid?
  •  Do you know how to perform CPR?
  •  Do you have a bug-out kit or a survival pack and what to put in it?71g5AQRXLEL__SX425_.jpg

These are just a few things that each of us should know in an emergency situation. We aren’t all necessarily first aid responders, but we can certainly help and may be called upon to do such if a person close to you has a traumatic event.

Think about what we have just read here today. I’d even suggest that you have this discussion at home and with your family.



Order your tactical first aid kit for your bug out bag. Fill out the contact form below and submit it to us for a quotation:



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