The Godawan Point #317-4

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With the upcoming 2017 National Elections we have heard that there are over 200 candidates nationwide contesting for 111 parliamentary offices.

The Godawan point this week gives insight to being a great leader that we hope you can decide to be the right choice for our people.

Here are some comments made about the current Madang MP by members of a social media group in Facebook:

“Two weeks ago on a Saturday Nixion Duban invited all the ward areas in town to see him at 8am so everyone went to Madang district office and waited until 8pm after he had given some money to the villages, and he announced to the public that he is busy and cannot attend to the town people so all people walked home with hungry stomach. Most of them mothers and children. Please can someone explain what is going on?”

“Elections are gonna be a real challenge but NPD still has the numbers. If I can recall correctly, the last time NPD won was with around 18000 while BK came 2nd with 7000 or so… And that was when Madang political giants like the late Stanley Pil, Chief Yama and im not sure if AK too contested. NDP igat Base votes lo ples lo papa na mama lain lo m. Na m bikpla lo Madang urban too na…. All you political sawe man here traim na skelim??? “PNG politics still sawe look sawe lo blood na tumbuna story ya”…”

“Election should not be perceived as a race or competition among candidates or political parties. Rather it should be a mutual collective effort in sourcing the most suitable person who shares and understands the plight and aspirations of the people and most importantly has the ability to deliver beyond the expectations of the people with whatever resource available.”

“So who is the right candidate?”

Here are a few questions that some intending candidates may ask themselves to evaluate their intentions to stand for the people:

  1. How much do I contribute to the society?
  2. Will they appreciate my contribution and Vote me?
  3. Am I a popular figure in the society?
  4. How far and best can I get more Voters to vote for me?
  5. What could be the best technique to use in convincing people to vote me?

There was no greater war leader and strategist than Chinese military general Sun Tzu. His philosophy on how to be a great leader and ensure you win in management, and life is summed up in these pieces of advice. They can all be applied by you as an appointed Member of Parliament when you get elected this year:

Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

We hope you can make a difference.

Regards, M4d K9

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National strategy on Gender Based Violence to be launched

By Annette Kora PNG Loop


The Department of Community, Religion and Youth are holding a conference to launch the National Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender Based Violence.

The strategy aims to strengthen the work on GBV in order to achieve zero-tolerance towards GBV by 2025 and as per PNG Vision 2050.

The GBV Strategy was endorsed by the National Executive Council on December 15.

Minister for Community Development, Youth and Religion Delilah Gore said the strategy does not reinvent structures and processes.

The GBV strategy builds on existing interventions at national and sub-national level to secure government ownership and a stronger focus on coordination and monitoring for quality.

Gore highlighted that the endorsement is very important because this is a way forward for our country in addressing gender issues that have been affecting our families and society.

The launch will take place on Friday, March 24 starting at 9am at the Airways Hotel, in Port Moresby.

Important guest speakers are expected to attend the launch including the NCD Governor, Powes Parkop and the UNDP Country Representative, Roy Trivedy.

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill will be doing the official Launch of the GBV Strategy.

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Creating a safe workplace for women

March 15,2017 Post Courier


A GENDER-smart safety program conducted at the RamuNiCo Management (MCC) site at Basamuk drew a lot of interest from the miner’s female employees.
The program was conducted early this month.
The introductory awareness was done by the deputy general manager operations, Bill Hill, as part of RamuNiCo’s observance of the national mining safety week from March 6-11.
This was an initiative of the Business Council for Women aimed at improving safety of women in the workforce. The session was to introduce solutions available to help business make its work places safer for women.
Moreover, the solutions are tailor made for PNG business, national and international experts as well as more than 20 PNG businesses from diverse industries that helped develop these best practice resources.
Female employees of RamuNiCo who attended the awareness were from the health, safety and environment department, administration plus two reps from NCS-Raibus catering company.
HSE assurance manager, Bernice Suma said for her it was an eye-opener for female employees and therefore, it is important that RamuNiCo considers the gender smart safety solutions.
Senior process plant managers, superintendents and representatives from various departments at the Refinery also attended the awareness session.
Mr Hill also played a video, which explained how the strategy model could help businesses improve safety of female staff.
The video also explained how the Business Council for Women uses its training and consultancy services to equip staff of interested companies willing to join with skills to replicate women’s workplace safety audits across multiple worksites.

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Former NIO boss sentenced to three years

By Sally Pokiton

The former acting Director General of the National Intelligence Organisation who was found guilty of misappropriation on January 24 has been sentenced to three years in prison.

Justice David Cannings on Thursday sentenced Maika Bruno, 54 years of age from Rasese village, Namatanai, New Ireland Province to a head sentence of 8 years in jail for two counts of misappropriation.

That sentence was reduced to three years after the judge took into consideration his age, health and the favourable Pre-sentence report from the Probation service.

Despite the accused asking the court for a non-custodial sentence and a set time frame to repay the K91,000, Justice Cannings said no realistic plan was put before the court for repayment and that a deterrent sentence was required.

Bruno was convicted on January 24, 2017 for misappropriating a total of K91,000 to his own use on 4 November 2013 by using NIO monies to pay for legal bills to challenge his removal from office.

He was found guilty last month for obtaining K55,000 on Nov 4,2015  and applying it to a legal firm the next day for a civil proceeding he commenced in the National Court after he was replaced as the acting as the director of the NIO.

The court found that he drew that cheque despite meeting with Chief Secretary Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc and his replacement, Gari Baki on October 29, 2013. During that meeting Sir Manasupe confirmed that the National Executive Council had decided that Bruno would be replaced by Mr Baki.

Bruno went to the law firm concerned that same day and instructed the firm to act for him in his capacity at NIO without the approval of the Attorney General to engage the firm as per the requirement under section 7 of the Attorney General’s Act.

Court also found that on or about Friday November 1, 2013, the law firm engaged, filed an originating summons in the National Court, OS No 573, by which various orders and declarations were sought.

Bruno was also found guilty of obtaining K36,000 from the NIO by false pretence, by authorising the release of the cash monies as special operations allowance for “Operation Black Tee-Shirt”.

Justice Cannings said Bruno’s evidence for the K36,000 was vague and unconvincing as no acquittals were done on the money he received right outside the Bank after it was cashed.



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Earthquake, Magnitude 6.9 – SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS – 2017 February 24, 17:28:43 UTC

Global view

Magnitude: Mw 6.9, Region: SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS, Date time: 2017-02-24 17:28:43.4 UTC, Location: 23.35 S ; 178.80 W, Depth: 400 km.

Source: Earthquake, Magnitude 6.9 – SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS – 2017 February 24, 17:28:43 UTC

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The Godawan Point #217-3

February Edition Week 3 2017

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This week’s Godawan point is about Madang’s petty crime have stirred frustration and anger among residents and the businesses community.

“Pick pocket and other petty crimes”

Members of the Madang Township have voiced concerns that petty crimes have been prevalent in places where there is little or no police presence.

Residents are frustrated that crimes as such, are happening every day in the heart of the Madang town. Reports of bag snatching, pick-pocketing and public nuisance, drunk and disorderly behavior have come out to the bus stops and the main shopping areas. A final year journalist student, Stanley Ove Jr at DWU started a blog called “Madang Today” and highlighted the transition that took place in Madang leading to a deterioration in Law and Order through his stories in 2013.  Visit his blog here

He made mention to the Lae Riot between November and December 2011 that caused an influx of petty criminals into Madang. People of Madang have expressed anger at the deterioration of law and order in Madang town and fear that a similar riot to Lae is imminent. Have read through some Madang forum comments made on this topic. Here is an extract:

Justin Jawet
Madang is beautiful but yet pick pocket pasin wok lo bikpla. How can we stop that from continuing and tainting the image of Madang Province???
Criple Gaun Manan
If only Madang people unite, then it’s a piece of cake.
Town blo yumi em liklik not like Lae city.
But when petty crimes happen right in front of us, most people just stand there and watch. Even though we are from Madang. It’s obvious that the majority says “mi no save lo em” or “Em no wantok blo mi”
Without out unity, Madang will never change. Can our leaders find ways to unite us? coz this is the first thing to do if we want to change Madang. It seems like IT IS THE TOUGHEST PROVINCE IN PNG TO GOVERN.
Davio Daany
Street policing is the way to go. If police are not around to prevent these petty crimes; I fear a riot exploding between law abiding citizens and petty criminals….!!!! I’m already Fed up. It is TIME FOR CHANGE!!


Phil Kong
The easiest way is to set up security cameras to catch them.
Cain Madok
No. The cameras won’t catch them. We will. Lets rally and belt them and take them to the police.

Davio Daany
Fellow citizens, I know we are all frustrated and fed up with these petty criminals, but violence against violence will not solve anything. I also was a victim of pick pocket. But I grabbed him and told him what they do to pick pocket criminals in Jail. He ran away. I am an ex con, served 2 years in Bomana. I know the kind of lesson these pick pocket thugs get when they are sent to prison…!!!! OL sa kisim pen blo pen…..
Togather we can holim ol disla kuti na karim go police n chargem ol na lockim ol…!!! Trust me brothers, yumi man blo ground, wire lus we can cause damage too.

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Earthquake, Magnitude 5.6 – EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG., P.N.G. – 2017 February 23, 15:11:05 UTC


Magnitude: mb 5.6, Region: EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG., P.N.G., Date time: 2017-02-23 15:11:05.3 UTC, Location: 5.85 S ; 146.77 E, Depth: 115 km.

Source: Earthquake, Magnitude 5.6 – EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG., P.N.G. – 2017 February 23, 15:11:05 UTC

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