MSW-21 Campaigns

Stop crime in Madang – Operation Mad-Watch

Ongoing efforts to restore the serenity and splendor back into the once called “pearl of the South Pacific.”

Stop violence against women – Operation Ruby-Laufa

Fight in Support of eradicating the mental behaviour of physical, psychological and emotional attack on women and girls.

Stop polluting the sea – Operation Surv-Marine

Creating a sense of ownership for the marine resources, marine life and the marine environment.

Stop sea piracy – Operation Sea-Wolf

Supporting maritime surveillance and enforcement authorities in making our coast lines safer and supporting search and rescue through promoting safety at sea.

Stop police brutality – Operation Blue-Eyes

Defending our people against prejudice and ethnic corruption from the Police against citizens of PNG by reporting, exposing and eradicating public violence on the streets. 

Stop Political Corruption – Operation Natel-PNG

Promote awareness of good governance and leadership and expose government corruption and those involved.

Stop Illegal Online Content – Operation Cyber-PNG

Expose and report offenders involved in the promotion and distribution of online pornography and sexual abuse, cyber bullying and defamatory publications.

PNG Route 100 – Operation Highway-Watch

Promoting safe driving, passenger safety and road maintenance through road safety awareness and security alerts.