Public Notice Alert (MSW_1/2020-16S)

Please observe the security status for the respective location until further notice: Yellow Alert (Maintain Situational Awareness)

Category: Community Alert

Status (Contact MSW for an update): Unchanged

Location: Nagada Settlements

Information Received: A visit was done to the Jomba Police Station on Saturday 18.01.20 around 08:30am to file a complaint. There was no policeman around to take my complaint until after 10am. I was told most of the personnel had gone to Nagada. Nagada is high risk location for killing and community unrest. However, No Eviction exercise has been initiated. Unconfirmed dates to when the eviction will take place at Nagada. -EEW

Alert Reference No. : (MSW_1/2020-16S)

About Madwatch Alerts

It's all about watching out for each other not about who you know but who knows you. Join the CID-Network along side hundreds of like minded people as yourself and stop crime in Papua New Guinea by reporting crime.
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