Taking Responsibility of Public Safety



Public Safety is not only about taking precautions, it is also about taking responsibility.

If you see an unsafe situation, or even a potentially unsafe condition, don’t just walk away. Take responsibility for getting it corrected. Whether it is at the bus stops, while you’re travelling on the roads, or walking on the streets, wherever you see something that you believe is unsafe, or could lead to an adverse incident, speak up. If it is unsafe to actually do something about it yourself, keep others out of the unsafe zone and contact the Police Hotline number 7225 4444 or send out an alert on SMS 511 Alerts Hotline 7224 8280.

Think about how you would feel if you did nothing, then heard later on that an incident happened.


About Madwatch Alerts

It's all about watching out for each other not about who you know but who knows you. Join the CID-Network along side hundreds of like minded people as yourself and stop crime in Papua New Guinea by reporting crime.
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