Community Policing Platform


(Picture courtesy of D. M. KITCHNOGE, BMP)

With the right skills and infrastructure, Madang has the potential to provide an effective security watch programme that will help the region fight poverty and boost development. So how do we turn the vision into reality?

With an effective reporting platform like MSW21 we can sit back and expect to see a good outcome at the end. A community policing system supported by a public reporting platform provides real time data and mapping capabilities which translates into a more focused community policing approach in curbing the lawlessness in Madang Town and getting the right actions to where it is needed most.

Social media and main stream media have proven to be the platform of choice in getting a public response, likewise, law and order issue is not just police work. We can all participate and report matters to the MSW21 platform where trained and competent call center operators can receive information, process it, pass it on and track it until a suitable and timely resolution is provided.

Participation from the public, the town councils, town administration, chamber of Commerce, business houses, educational institutions, Police, corrective services, affiliated security firms and various government and non government agencies; churches and everyone involved are all key elements of the wider scope of skills and infrastructure needed to develop a safer, productive and profitable outlook in Madang town.

Madang town is small compared to Lae or Port Moresby and law and order can be managed with enough police and security patrol in public places. We just need cooperation from everyone in ensuring that the public cooperate to report social disorder and crimes to the police and there is immediate actions taken to address the problem.

Freedom of speech and human rights protection is embedded in our country’s Constitution that mandates every citizen of Papua New Guinea to report crime and any other form of corruption or suppression affecting our livelihood and individual welfare.

We can start now in Madang by regulating the movement of people coming into town, limiting the number of settlements to the ones that can be managed and control the growth of squatters and houses being built on exisiting settlements through proper management and screening by the town building & planning board and the provincial administration.

We have the skills and the infrastructure, we just need the community to do the policing. With a community reporting platform, we can manage the flow of information and get the response we want.

Madang Security Watch

About Madwatch Alerts

It's all about watching out for each other not about who you know but who knows you. Join the CID-Network along side hundreds of like minded people as yourself and stop crime in Papua New Guinea by reporting crime.
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