The Godawan Point #217-4

February Edition Week 4 2017 

Subcribe to Godwan’s weekly point


The Godawan point this week focuses on school bullying. School bullying is a type of bullying that occurs in an educational setting. Bullying without comprehensive definition, can be physical, sexual, verbal or emotional in nature. This can involve physical, emotional, verbal, and cyber bullying.

In fact in PNG standards school bullying is usually a criminal act of theft, violence, cult activities the consumption and distribution of drugs, alcohol and other illegal contraband including home brew and pornography.

A school bully at Tusbab Secondary School in Madang Province has been highlighted as the king pin in a string of activities involving theft and violence to younger school goers. Below is a list of comments extracted from an online forum where people expressed there remorse towards school bullying and crimes taking place at Tusbab High School. Read through the comments below to find out more:

Franz Bentago Pala‎ – Time ol newpla grade go lo Tusbab Secondary, ol senior students (grade 10,11) sa bully lo ol na even ol sa sutim ol lo knife na kisim mobile, lunch money and other properties blo ol.

Disla pasin yah, em no goodpla pasin yah. Displa kain ol liklik behaviour blo yumi sa bagarapim name blo school blo yumi yah.

Upla traim go lo Highlands schools na lukim.  Ol nonap mekim kain pasin liu.  Usait students woklo mekim osem lo ol grade 9 students yah, you kaikai K** b***d blo mama bliu na stop osem. Umi brothers yet yah. #Concern_Students

Kevin Ambuk – Report that idiot to the police!! That’s a crime, for crying out loud.

Elizabeth Newth – Maybe they have a leader who instructs them to do it. Report them to the School Principal and to the Police. We never experience that in our school days.

The class teachers should also check their school bags and get rid of weapons. You go to school to get educated and get somewhere in life.

Franz Bentago Pala -Bro, ol mekim lo ol babysense man na ol lusim yah.  Once ol mekim lo mi, Wanpla blo ol ba die stret yah.

Steve Bresme – Nogat back graun blo disla kain man. Please kism disla issue go lo police please ASAP.  Kain ol man bagarapim Madang stap. Yu disla man em ash hole k.k pek2x

Malin Malagun – It’s happening everywhere. If a school tolerates it than it will continue every year. The onus is on the parents, school board and teachers to put an end to this stupid acts. No tolerance to this behaviours must be the schools aim.

Such useless, disrespectful students don’t deserve a place in school. They are taking up space for other  genuine students who take education seriously!

Parents don’t send their kids to be bullied!!. Get the police involved. Charge them for assault and also expel them from school.

Malin Malagun  – So many bright and committed students miss out on placing into secondary schools and these pikinini like kamap cult

follower or system squad (Whatever they call it these days) trying to show off their psycho skills. Throw them in jail and they can play Rambo with the mob outside. Give space to the students who really deserve to be there.

Dale Saluap  – Tru yah , planti bighet tumas. Rausim disla ol pikinini na larim ol narapla kam school. Find out na reportim lo Police .

Peter Gupuri Mase – Brother thanks for coming out, all these time I taught these criminal activities are for outsider or non students or youths, but I didn’t know that students are involves in such activities in a learning environment.

Victimized students should unite and lodge a Formal complaint with the school authorities. I believe it will be easy to identify those culprit.

No wonder when a youth is caught from arm robbery or criminal activities, they use the common excuse of being a student to escape justice?

Urull A Mikin – Aste sol ol pre 11 boys holim liklik blo mi gr 12 lo Tusbab lo toilet n kisi phone blem, keke k** blo mama blo ol ba keke pekpek na raun sore.

Jeffery Vaki  – Its simple. Husait wokim ya, ksim em go lo Police Station na tokim ol police ksim naif na sutim em wantaem. Em ba pilim tu or em ain.

Richard Mandari – Na security guard mekim wanem? Em sanap tasol long gate.  Chekim school bag blong olgeta.

Thompson Abs Gobul – Lo taim mi stap grade 11 (2013) mi lukim displa pasin wok lo kamap so mi transfer out.

Franz Bentago Pala – Tru yah… Kain pasin yah ino change yet

Thompson Abs Gobul – Ok mi ting olsem m pinis chol m stap yet.

Bikpla Toksave  – Inap nau. Displa kain mentality em blo ol pik dok. Yumi man ya. Usim gutpla tingting, skul strong na kamap gutpla man lo bihain taim.

Kumul Fox – Ol wanna be rascols nabout, holim ol na brukim ass blo ol.

Dianne Kuvi – Attitude problem.. narl

Joanne Uyam – Nogat respect lo narapla brata Susa. Useless attitude.  Madang students yupla la provim wanem samting.   Traim concentrate lo studies na achieve a better na brightpla future. No wonder if Madang students are doing this.  As a proud Madang please stopim lo ap

Dianne Kuvi – Ol kism PhD pinis.  Permanent Head Damage.

Thompson Abs Gobul – Hahaha……!

Hans Columbus – I transferred my child out this year because of that. My other child didn’t do well because of that too.  I don’t blame the teaching staff, rather parents of these criminal elements & the School Board.

Hans Columbus – I in fact raised that issue on my wall last year but it received very little attention.

Peter Gupuri Mase – Did the principals and deputy principal knows about the issue?

Franz Bentago Pala – Yeah they know,, Many students have been already suspended.

Peter Gupuri Mase Thanks for the info.

Alwyn Maniura – Please our Days at Tusbab were care free days. We were all there for a purpose that is to get the best we can from our Teachers and pursue life’s dreams. It’s even worse today’s. I don’t know what the future holds for our generations to come If these does not change

Bryan Kramer – Be assured a change in Madang political leadership will address this issue.

Franz Bentago Pala – Sir, please raise this issue to the MadangProvincial Government,, Tusbab is the heart of Madang.

Bryan Kramer – It is where my mother attended the same school. I will try bring it to the attention of the Provincial Administrator or meet with the school management myself.

Jane Naru – Tusbab ino osem bipo what’s wrong?

Chanel Sawan – I was in Madang for three years(2014,2015,2016) and I’ve seen the student’s attitudes at tusbab secondary school, that it is another issue which should be address politically. More of that, My three years at Madang is a like a risky and   dangerous years because day and night, misa stap wantm poret jol coz lo kain pasin lo madang. Mi ting madang em still the best beautiful province but when I was there mi bin lostim planti samting blo mi too na wan kain attitude around the town and also to some schools at madang? Will it be like this ogeta now o? Please take action lo gutpla blo Madang people.

Criple Gaun Manan – Just go into the school with the police, take the culprit out, and bring his family to the school and take appropriate matters to end this in front of the police school staffs and families on both sides. That might prevent the bully to continue. If he does it again, terminate him.

Criple Gaun Manan  – A political leader or whoever have the heart to change madang, remember that we go back to the very basics. Maybe educating families what integral development is, can really change the hearts and minds of individual citizens. When people are integrally developed, they develop the place which they are in. You cannot change a place when you cannot redirect the heart and mind of even a single individual person in the area. Personal and spiritual development is the key to change madang. Right now, wer’e already exposed and we can’t do more with anything other than education.

Dondii Munukun – If the grade nine student know who is doing this, please go lo ol police na report or kisim ol go lo skul na deal wantim , disla aus h*** yah.

Dennis Kitchnoge – Tusbab really has big students’ disciplinary issues to deal with. You can see them strolling to school as late as 9 am, with mouths full of buai and a cigarette on hand. They even dress in rags and take pride in carrying 10kg rice bag as school bags.

John Andrews – One student involved in a break and enter with some of his friends. They harassed the family and kids were screaming and helpless father was outnumbered.  His wife rang me quickly and said, “please help ol kilim mipla ya. “I instantly engaged police. I took my colleagues because we were together at that time. After 2 minutes we arrived. Mipla man handlim olgeta took them to the station smashim ol lo police station. Amongst them was that Tusbab student. Mama blo em kam na tok pikinini blo mi save skul lo Tusbab. Mama too kisim pen lo displa taim. Ol sumatin mekim lo ol weak lain stap ol touchim wrong lain. Bai ol lukim glory blo ol.

Dennis Kitchnoge – Gutpla tru, bloody useless wana be gangstar sumatin nabaut.

Criple Gaun Manan – Not good enough Tusbab. Mekim mipla feel down lo former skul ya. What are they trying to prove??

Thanks and regards,

M4d K9

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