Safety tips for women and girls in public places

By Annette Kora

Safety on public transportation and in public places such as bus stops, foot paths, schools and market places are frightening.

Women and girls are being harassed, cat-called, grabbed, groped, having their bags snatched and even physically and verbally abused in these public places and we have become so conditioned to such cruel behaviour  and has become a norm.

The Sanap Wantaim has put together some Safety Prevention Tips to help you get through the day.

1. STAY ALERT – be sure to stay alert and be tuned into your surroundings. No need to examine everyone up close and personal but being aware of possibilities is not a bad thing.

2. USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM – most of us travel alone to work, school etc. But as much as possible, where possible, try as much as you can to take a friend or two.

3. KEEP YOUR MOBILE PHONE HANDY in your pocket/bag/purse in the case where you need to make an emergency phone call.

4. USE COMMON SENSE – do not give a criminal extra incentive. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry, opening purses/wallets in public, using ATM machines at night etc. Skip listening to music using headphones and earpieces for these devices decrease your level of awareness.

5. MAKE YOUR PLANS KNOWN to family, friends, loved ones or roommates etc. So they will be aware of your whereabouts and be able to track you down in case of an emergency.

6. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS – if you feel uncomfortable in a situation or place, leave right away and get help if needed.

7. DO NOT SHOW FEAR – stand tall and walk confidently.

Let us stand together and make our city safe for all.


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