Man held over death of mother’s lover



Karanget Is, Madang: POLICE have arrested a man who caught his mother with her lover in a bush and killed him. Madang police officer in charge of criminal investigations Richard Sibolo confirmed the arrest yesterday.

According to police reports, the man caught his mother and her lover near some bushes on Krangket Island near Madang town and killed him. He later threw his body into the sea. Krangket island villagers later found the body drifting at sea and contacted police. Sibolo said the suspect surrendered himself to police.

police-vehicleHe also said they were investigating the death of two men last weekend. One was killed at Wagol Fikus and the other at Yabob village.

Bryan Wini, a Port Moresby-based policeman on duty trip in Madang, said the Balasigo market came to a halt on Saturday morning as youths from Sisiak went on a rampage.  He said a youth from Yabob village allegedly killed a person from Sisiak which forced the youths to retaliate.

“The youths fired gun shots on both sides of the road so I have to run here and there to keep the situation under control,” he said.

Madang MP Nixon Duban’s presence at the scene and Wini’s assistance restored peace and calm.

Source: The National

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