Corruption will have its place in history one day

By Lucas Kiap‎ 


Like never before, many of us are dedicating our lives to the call of becoming the voices of the silent and suffering Papua New Guineans to speak up and out against corruption in Papua New Guinea. We are the hope of the people to liberate this country from the evil of corruption.

But the greatest mistake that we can make in the fight against corruption is to lie to the people whom have been deceived countless times over the past 42 years. We can’t keep on inheriting those lies and keep repeating them to all the generations. The people simply have had their share of the lies.

To those who are stealing public funds and destroying this rich and beautiful country; your days are numbered. If you are immune from the laws of this country and think you are above the laws and can still run free and continue stealing public funds; don’t think you will ever escape justice. Even you die and gone, justice will still find you; either in your graves or children. You can escape now but history will find you and punish you. Your legacy will be corruption. Don’t think that history will be kind to you after what you are doing now is evil to this great nation and its people.

The people want justice for all the opportunities that have been denied. The people want justice for all the sufferings they have gone through in their own rich country. The people want a share of what have been taken from them. The people want to live not a rich but a better life like those corrupt politicians, corrupt government officials and their cronies.

In the face of this evil of corruption and tyranny; the struggle for freedom, for justice and for liberty is only beginning. If it is not now, there is a time and place in history when those who are destroying this great country will be exposed and punished. We may not be there but our children will.

To those who are anti-corruption advocates, let’s get-together and be in one dedicated team to fight against corruption if we all are really serious and mean business to weed out corruption in the country. There is no better time to do this than today. We may have our own differences and we may disagree sometimes but we can’t let our differences and disagreements separate us from coming together to achieve our common desire to make this country a better place for everyone and our children. We can change the course of history and be remembered in history as not overnight millionaires but as legends of the country and saviours of the people.

If you believe in change, then join me and together we can shape the future we want to enjoy and leave behind for our children.

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