Disbandment of corruption watchdog Taskforce Sweep leaves a paradox in PNG’s political corruption practices

Taskforce Sweep and the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary had been continuing their attempts to arrest the Prime Minister Peter O’Niel despite the order to disband.

Sam Koim is a Lawyer By Profession who Investigated Really Well Our Country’s Crooks until The Demise Of The Task Force Sweep Team and Because he was not supported very well By The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary -RPNGC – and the Public Prosecutor’s Office; resulted in the former head of Papua New Guinea’s anti-corruption body losing his two-year court battle to keep his job and maintain the taskforce.

Mr Koim had told the court the decision to abolish Taskforce Sweep was a response by the Prime Minister to its attempt to arrest him, but the court found it was open to ministers to disagree with Mr O’Neill and that the decision was a collective one.

The RPNGC Hierarchy couldn’t support him because of internal issues between the police commissioners and the head of the National Fraud Squad unless they were terribly unqualified to do their Prosecuting Jobs.

The Public Prosecution’s Office, PPO, Which Comprises Of Lawyers Couldn’t Support Him Well For Unknown Reasons.

For Example, One Prominent Judge Escaped Prosecution Because The PPO’s Wouldn’t Give The Green Light To Sam Koim’s Prosecutors To Go Ahead With Their Work.

Sam Koim needed The Investigatory Powers Of The Ombudsman Commission and Prosecutor Functions of the Public Prosecution’s Office.

The Government’s decision to disband Taskforce Sweep in 2014 was followed by an order to replace it with an Interim Office for Anti-Corruption, headed by former Supreme Court judge Graham Ellis.

Taskforce Sweep had been seen by some Papua New Guineans as the only hope to reduce corruption in PNG, but Mr Ellis said people should welcome its end.

“I don’t think the fight against corruption was confined to Taskforce Sweep or to Sam Koim and I just think it will be helpful in the moving forward process to have independence, to have people who are not allied with any political party and to have the whole fight against corruption put on a sounder footing,” he said.

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