By Anton Meke


Are the so-called NCDC Buai Ban rangers on police uniform allowed by any act of the land to discharge firearms/tear gas at any unsuspecting citizens of PNG??

Let me share this NCDC police brutality that caused bodily harm to my small brother who was waiting for bus after Friday church activities at Gordon’s Heights Mt Zions Gutnius Lutheran Church.

This inhuman and unethical act of the so called NCDC Police is just sickening n disgusting to witness whilst executing their failed Buai Ban policy at public places and very busy market like Gordon’s. We can’t look far to confirm brutal and cruel tactics applied by police personnel in this country.

It’s just happening under the nose of the police hierarchy as this incident happened infront of Gordon’s police station yesterday where NCDC Police go about discharging firearms and tear gas at the unsuspecting general public. As a result this young man was shot at blank range while waiting to board PMV to Badili.

Are all commuters buai vendors?
NO! I don’t think so…… We have mothers, elderly people, our school children, sick people n all walks of life frequently use Gordons market as a transiting point to other parts of the city and this inhuman, unprofessional and unethical act of the so called NCDC Police are not called for.

I as an individual and elder brother of this victim condem the actions of the NCDC Police to the most worst possible terms ever.

This sort of man-hunt tactics and treatments deployed on the citizens is uncalled for. Excessive use of force by police officers undermines faith in the criminal justice system and taints the good name of the RPNGC.

Citizens of this country expect those in blue uniform to follow the law and enforce it, but these two roles often come into conflict.

As far as the job description of the police personnel are concern, the police is to maintain law and order, protect and safeguard the lives and properties of the citizens, which is the key role of the police force.
This definition seem to be from theoretical perspective, when in practical, it’s the opposite.


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