Neighbours too frightened to help

By Heatherlyn Baea

Report BNE.PNG

Madang is truly not safe anymore, my home was victim to an attempted break and enter by 14 + males last Monday night 13/02/17 at around 1pm. We were helpless, neighbours watch on in fear for themselves for there were more than 14 males armed with crow bar and pop guns. Police was nowhere in sight at early hours in the morning at Jomba Police station. I reported the matter but no leads until today. Posting this coz it might happen to your home.

Ruth Samuels I had the same experience some weeks ago.  No help from neighbours or police. I had to call family to come to our rescue. Stay safe and always have your phone loaded with credits to call family or close friends to help..

Aisha Wanur We were also victims of attempted breaking and entering. It’s time we put brick wall fences around our homes. The sad part is that we cannot rely on Police anymore.


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It's all about watching out for each other not about who you know but who knows you. Join the CID-Network along side hundreds of like minded people as yourself and stop crime in Papua New Guinea by reporting crime.
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One Response to Neighbours too frightened to help

  1. There is always a high demand for Police Presence. These kind of situations need to be carefully monitored and it may seem calm at this present time, but judging from our PNG cultural mentality, the pay back system is always an alternative to Law and Order. The Police need our help. If there are people in the community who can relay information to MSW, we can tip off the Police. The response is entirely out of our control. The point is getting the information across to Police and in doing so contribute to their planning and logistics of a response and the overall safety of the township.


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