Robbed in a PMV in broad daylight

By N.I
say no to violence against women.jpg

I was on my way to see my dad at POM General Hospital and the bus I got on was not full, so we had to make a stop at Waigani. Two girls sat behind me while I sat alone. Then I saw this Group of HIGHLANDS boys (around mid 20’s) talking loudly beside the bus. Then one of them that got in the bus yelled so loudly at the back and started yelling to the other boys outside to come in and fill the bus,than he decided to sit next to me.

A thought came to my mind to carry my bag on my shoulder and grab hold my umbrella. I sensed something fishy. I could smell the distinct smell of marijuana.  Anyways, they all filled the bus. Then the green light came on. I was on Full alert. The leader paid 50t then shouted that the bus stop at Laguna Hotel but it was forced again to stop at Dream Inn. All the 6 HIGHLANDS boys got off and walked about a meter away from the bus then the two girls who sat behind me said that the boys took a mobile phone from one of them. We all were astonished at what had just happened. She said one of the guys sat next to her, put his hands in her pocket and pulled out the phone. She was scared to scream out because they were all stoned (marijuana sense) . All the bus crew could say was, Our life is important, phone maski.

I could have gotten snitched or stabbed or Lord knows what because I was sitting alone.
Well this was not the first were they act like a group, pretending to go places just to rob people in half empty buses. Not all Highlanders are bad but theres some who have an I don’t care Attitude.

Can’t trust anyone this days. Girls PLEASE, take care and get on Buses that are Full. God took care of me yesterday and may God take care of you too.


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