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A young lawyer has alleged that he was physcally assaulted by a member of Parliament.

Lawyer Laken Lepatu claimed that he was confronted and punched on the face by Wabag Open MP Robert Ganim at a bus stop near Wabag Town on Thursday, February 16.  Lepatu claimed in his social media post that he was carrying out awareness on election in the Highlands to educate the people when he was assaulted by the particular MP.  Several attempts to get the MP to comment failed.

“MP for Wabag Open Mr. Robert Ganim punched me and I threw him into Wabag Police Cells but the police station commander released him,” Lapatu said in his post.

“I parked my vehicle at Wabag Town (Porgera Bus-Stop) & MP Ganim parked his vehicle opposite me.”

“Mr Ganim shouted at me and asked me why I was conducting awareness campaign which I politely replied to him that if he thinks I breached a law(s), we should sort it out at the Police Station,” Lepatu stated.

He said the MP without paying attention, shouted the same words twice, stepped out of his vehicle & ran towards him.  Lepatu further claimed that three of the MP’s boys armed with bush knives followed the MP and confronted him face to face with swearing words and the MP punched him on the face.

“His boys almost murdered me but the public stopped them. 
Ganim and his boys then got into their vehicle fled,” Lepatu stated.

He further stated that he drove to the police station and placed a formal complaint against the MP for police to arrest the MP.

“When I stepped out of the police station, I saw Mr. Ganim parked his vehicle and stepped out.  
I quickly grabbed his hand and dragged him into the police cells and ordered the police officers there to arrest him but the police station commander refused and released the MP,” Lepatu stated.

Lepatu who recently assisted students with free legal assistance and won several cases stammed from the UPNG student and police standoff last year said he will pursue the matter until justice is done.

“I will continue my awareness campaign until I complete Enga. The Constitution provides for freedom of speech, association, thought, beliefs & religion. This is a democratic nation, a free world,” Lepatu stated.

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