Central Province Police conducting election awareness campaign

By Annette Kora

Central Prov. Police elec_awareness.jpg

The Provincial Police Commander of Central Province, Acting Superintendent, Laimo Asi and his team have embarked on an election awareness campaign program.

The team of policemen and women are moving across the Central Province to cover the four electorates from Kairuku- Hiri, Abau, Goilala and Rigo.

The awareness campaign is phase one of the Central Province Police Commands Elections Operations Plan.

The operational plan for the awareness campaign has been divided into three phases;

Pre- election operation which includes general awareness and intelligent gathering;

Election operation which includes polling and counting; and

Post- election operation is a mop up exercise that caters any disruptions that may occur after the declaration of the winning candidates.

From the National Population Census projection of 2017, the Central Province population will have increased to approximately around 350, 000.

The population increase is due to the major economic activities in the Central Province.

The LNG project at Papa/ Lealea, Hiri, Cassava project in Rigo, Tolokuma Gold Mine in Goilala, Rubber production in Abau respectively.

PPC Asi is concerned that with the current manpower strength, a total of 185 regular personnel and 11 reservist.

Commander Asi said the ratio of one police man for every 3, 500 people in the Central Province.

PPC Asi hopes that the election awareness campaign by his police team will create a better understanding among Central people to conduct a safe and free 2017 National Election.

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