By Bryan Kramer



The short answer is Yes.

Meet Stanley Philipine, holding the binded brief in the picture below. Stanley originates from Laigam-Porgera and his father moved the family to Madang in 2007 to enroll his children in Madang schools.

Stanely graduated from Tusbab High school in 2014, he is member of Youth Against Corruption Association a youth organisation established by Transparency International to empower young people to focus on fighting corruption in PNG.

Late last year Stanely approached me asking to assist him to carryout community awareness on fighting corruption in Madang. I explained that people are generally aware of corruption in PNG and if you really want to make a difference then you need to offer a solution. The best means to fighting corruption is through good governance and that entails helping good people get elected – as in any nation everything rises and falls with political leadership.

I advised Stanley to ensure good people get elected he needs initiate a grass root awareness campaign – going from house to house, street to street to interview and gauge each household’s concerns in the communities they live in – all in the cause to make them become more informed and involved in national politics.

I suggested he start with walking down his own street end to end and count how many houses on each side. Then take a blank piece of paper draw a row of boxes representing each house, number them and then visit each one to confirm the family who reside there, those above and below 18 years of age including those employed and unemployed. Explain to them he is carrying out an awareness and survey on behalf of Pangu Paty to help formulate its policies and invite them to become members of the party.

The next day Stanley rocked up outside my office explaining he had completed the task, he noted the response was overwhelming, while there were one or two who were skeptical the majority of people were encouraged by the fact a political party had taken the initiative to seek their views.

To cut a long story short fully resourced by Pangu Pati Stanley has since recruited over 50 more youth to help with his awareness program. He has set up multiple-teams that have surveyed over 600 homes in Madang in a space of just three weeks and expect to cover 2,500 before the issue of writs.

The moral of the story is one person can make a difference the question is do you want to be part of ensuring a better future for yourself and your children or continue to do nothing and watch it be stolen from you.

picture: Pangu Madang Team
Jobby Wrondimi -far left from East Sepik Province
Stanley Philipine – left of middle from Enga Province
Nigel Totona – right of centre from mix Central/Oro
Joel Robert – far right mix Morobe/Madang

PANGU Pati = Papua And New Guinea Union Party



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