Modilong Hospital Behind the Scene

Scroll through the pictures and see what is hidden at the back of the Hospital complex.

This is at the back of Modilon Hospital in Madang.  A Rubbish pile that is being ignored and neglected. Situated right in front of the hospital kitchen, opposite the hospital morgue and resident medical officers residences.

Flies and the stench is unbearable. The breeze helps to carry the stench throughout the whole hospital. Patients and guardians complain about the stench and the unhygienic state of the rubbish pile up but their complaints are falling on deaf hospital administration ears.

Response: No money to engage contractors to remove it.

Other rubbish are being disposed of into the sea behind PHD compound. Polluting the sea and the waterfront.

Could the Madang Urban LLG Health Inspectors and authority do something about it? This environmental pollution is putting the lives of patients, staff and significant other risks to the environment and marine habitat at PHD compound coast line.


Arial View Modilon General Hospital in Madang

Ariel View of Modilon Hospital with PHD Compound at the tip of the coast line


Madang General Hospital is situated on Modilon Road.


Rubbish that had been neglected by the Madang Town Council located near the morgue which is being increasing and causing serious health and hygiene risks


The rubbish is located opposite the hospital morgue and in the vicinity of PHD compound and Kina beach residential areas in Madang.


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