Juffa vows legal action on inept officers

By Cedric Patjole

Oro Governor, Gary Juffa, has vowed legal action against key Provincial Government officers he alleges are politicising the provincial budget.

Juffa issued the warning saying inept, incompetent and unqualified officers are politicising the budget and delaying it before the writs are issued so as to paint a bad picture of him.

And the price paid was people’s misery and suffering, placing lives at great risk.

Juffa said the delay hindered the delivery of vital Government programs including the health and education subsidies and sponsorship of tertiary students.

The wages of many vital staff who relied on the provinces internal revenue especially health workers, are also being affected.

Juffas says the matter has been reported to Secretary Ngangan with recommendations to charge inept non-performing staff.

“We have selfish public servants who do not care for others.”

“They have delayed giving the balances for our development grants and have given conflicting reports causing the budget team delays.

“This has gone on for too long. The people of Oro do not deserve this. These officers are evil and heartless.

“In a week I shall call all Orokaivans to the Independence oval to demand answers of these officers. I call their superiors to take action. There are so many allegations of misconduct and negligence and worse that have not gone investigated and acted upon,” Juffa said.

Loop file photo (Picture by Cedric Patjole)

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