Aust, NZ and US to support PNG for APEC security


Australia, New Zealand and the United States will become part of the security team to help Papua New Guinea host APEC in 2018.

Assistant Secretary Australia Department of Foreign Affairs Geoff Tooth said that with APEC is one of the biggest series of meetings held in the world and security is paramount.

No country whether they are Australia or USA or PNG can host without the assistance from other countries.

“Australia has continued to be in a good relationship with PNG, and we are here to provide the help.

‘‘We want to make it a success and are extremely important for PNG which will see the country over time attract investment and business leaders and see the many wonders and potential the country has.”

“Security is of paramount importance and Australia feels we can provide that support,” he concluded.

Director General APEC Ian Jinga said that the meeting would ensure PNG will be ready for APEC.

News Source: Aust, NZ and US to support PNG for APEC security


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