Toropo challenges newly appointed officers to make a difference

Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) Commander Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo has challenged the newly appointed senior officers to make a difference.

PNGDF today announced the promotion and appointment of three senior officers.

Lieutenant Colonels Anthony Oawa, Lt Col Andrew Ringrowe Dopeke and Lt Col Albert Palauva were promoted to the rank of Colonel.

Col Oawa has been appointed as Chief of Personnel, Col Dopeke as Defence Attaché’ to the United Nations in New York and Col Palauva is Defence Attaché’ to New Zealand.

Toropo said PNGDF has been working very hard to transform and improve on some of its systems and processes since the launching of the Defence White Paper in 2013.

He highlighted that PNGDF has total trust in their ability to continue to deliver in their new roles.

“We’ve been trying to find the right people to occupy various key positions so that we can continue to grow this organisation to be a professional organisation that can deliver.

“Their appointments are very critical at this stage, especially when the country is going through a time when resources are very scarce in terms of man power and finance.

“We need leaders at all level who can stand out and be innovative and continue to deliver the constitutional mandate and responsibilities and develop the force,” Toropo said.

Toropo added that these are very key important positions.

The Defence Attaché’ to the United Nations in New York plays that vital role in linking other countries to ensure that PNG is properly prepared to make a way forward in supporting and involving ourselves in UN Peacekeeping operations.

Toropo stressed that New Zealand and PNG’s relationship has been strong.

He said there’re more programs that PNGDF is engaging in New Zealand at the moment and is more fitting that PNG has a PNGDF representative in New Zealand.



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