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It seems Digicel has not taken heed of my last article in relation to ripping off its customers nor have they taken corrective measures to discontinue violating our consumer rights.
In recent weeks I’ve been busy taking to task the head of Government, a Prime Minister who evades arrest and facing corruption charges over misuse of public funds. I would rather commit all of my time pursuing that cause than expend my time bringing to account a billion kina foreign company on allegations of corrupt and deceptive practices, stealing from our illiterate and impoverished people.
I intend to write two in-depth articles about Digicel: The first under the above headline and the second to discuss in detail the legal process of a class action lawsuit. We will look into their earnings, profits and capital expenditure. We will consider the facts that support my opinion that Digicel has been ripping off PNG, its No.1 earner. Both articles will leave Papua New Guineans grinding their teeth in disgust. After posting them I intend to honour my commitment and initiate a nationwide class action lawsuit against Digicel.
I was informed their chief legal officer was quick to dismiss my promise to bring proceedings against them. Yet since I posted my article, the company has quietly amended its websites and text notifications, evidence after the fact that my article did leave them concerned. Following my post the company also withdrew its official listing on the New York Exchange, 48 Hours before it was planned to launch.
Digicel will come to realise although 80% of PNG’s population were never afforded a formal education and were an easy target to mislead and manipulate, by no means does it mean the remaining 20% of us won’t go after them for ripping off our most vulnerable and impoverished.

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